Expertise and Authentication

We are pleased and excited to be an industry leader in the integration of new scientific techniques into the process of authentication.  We have partnered with a leading firm, specializing in both the scientific and forensic investigation of fine art.  Together, we offer a revolutionary new approach to the authentication and verification of fine stringed instruments.  

The authentication process for stringed instruments hasn’t changed much since the advent of the practice in the 19th century.  Today, there exists the means and the knowledge to bring expertise into the 21st century using these scientific and forensic tests, offering a new battery of useful, objective information.  This information can complement historical research and support expertise in ways never done before.

Our Certificate of Authenticity will be supported by evidence-based science, providing the strongest marketing advantage for you should you choose to sell in the future.  All instruments acquired from Jonathan Solars Fine Violins, Inc. come with our Authenticity Guarantee.