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Our Mission

Our success has always been built on our commitment to our customers to always bring the best quality instruments and bows to the marketplace. They are thoroughly evaluated, and we seek multiple opinions from top global experts before offering them for sale. We are also the only violin shop in the New York City metro area to offer financing. Ours is a violin shop run by musicians, for musicians, and we invite you to experience the difference between us and our competitors.

With prices for Strads to exceed $100m within the coming decades, we intend to study testing methods, currently in practice in the art market, that will help arm the next generation of experts with more scientific information to help inform expertise.  By doing so, we hope to increase access and transparency to the process of authentication.  We continuously explore ways to ensure that the next generation of professional musicians still has access to, and maintain share ownership of, rare Italian and French instruments.

We hope you join us in our efforts.

– Jonathan and Katie Solars

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Our Story

I’ve been fascinated with violins since I was young.  I started playing the violin when I was four.  Soon after, I would read in Strings Magazine and The Strad about who was playing what instrument and I followed the auctions by the time I was a young teenager.  I was lucky when I met a violin dealer when I was 14 who let me play on his 1703 Stradivari.  That moment was so transformative for me, that I became instantly obsessed with the old Italian masterpieces.  Now that instruments of this caliber are the norm for me, when I visit conservatories or festivals, I always try to have instruments for students to try so that they can also learn about sound and share that experience.

I find something to love about almost every great instrument I meet, because they tell a story about the person that made it, and what life might have been like for them.  You see the way they think about their work, what they deem important and what they deem less important.  You see whether they were obsessed with detail or if they cared about some things more than others.  After a while, it starts to feel like you almost know these makers and what their lives might have been like.  I have been very fortunate in my career to have worked with some of the most influential dealers in the world, starting with René A. Morel, who was the architect of the sound I grew up listening to, and most recently, Florian Leonhard of London.

Now I look forward to the challenges facing the next generation of experts and dealers and hope to build upon the experience I have gained to benefit the community of musicians and collectors.  Thanks for being a part of this journey with us, and we hope to serve you in the years to come.