Valuations & Appraisals

Jonathan is a Certified Member of the Appraisers Association of America, the highest level of accreditation, requiring a minimum 10 years of significant appraisal, related connoisseurship, and marketplace experience.  Written appraisals conform to USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice).  He is one of only three Certified Appraisers in this field globally and has the added benefit of direct marketplace experience.

Retail Replacement Value:  The most commonly requested type of appraisal, often referred to as an “Insurance Appraisal”, this summary valuation takes into account the retail replacement value of the instrument and/or bow in the current retail marketplace and are good for a three to five-year term.  Cost:  $450/first item.  $100/every subsequent item up to three items total.  Any additional items will be billed at $175/hr. thereafter.

Fair Market Value – Estate/Charitable Donation:  Appraisals for this purpose are highly specialized documents required for use by the Internal Revenue Service, requiring specialized forms to be completed in addition to the USPAP compliant Appraisal Report.  The IRS will not accept a non-USPAP compliant report from an appraiser that isn’t USPAP certified for this purpose.  Cost:  $1,000/per item up to three items total.  Any additional items will be billed at $175/hr. thereafter.

Written appraisals require a direct, physical examination of the articles being valued.  Fee based appraisal work shall be discussed and agreed upon before any work is performed.  There is a $100 fee per item for photographing the articles included in the report(s).

If you are curious as to whether your instrument warrants further investigation, we encourage you to submit your photographs, which we would be happy to have a look at free of charge.


STEP 1: 

Take color photographs of the item you wish to have appraised, preferably in natural light and against a plain white or grey background.  See the examples below.

STEP 2: 

Include scans or photographs of any certificates, letters, or other supporting documents.  

STEP 3: 

Upload your photos and documents using the form below.


Photographs of instruments should show:

– The back of the instrument (excluding the neck and head)

– The front of the instrument (excluding the neck and head)

– The instrument’s scroll from the side

– Please ensure photographs are sent the correct way up

Photographs of bows should show:

– The frog of the bow from the side

– The tip of the bow from the side

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