A Violin by Santo Serafin

Venice, 1735
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Widely regarded to be one of the best makers of the Venetian school, Santo Serafin arrives in Venice from Udine around 1720, although his earliest labels date to around 1725. Between his arrival in Venice and when he sets up his workshop in 1733, it seem likely that he worked for other makers in town. His work shows incredible finesse and exactitude, and the tonal properties are regarded as exceptional, especially for his earlier work.  This violin, completed in 1735 and modeled after Amati as he was known to do, is certainly no exception to the tonal prowess Serafin was famous for.

Follow this link to listen to listen to a recording of the late Paul Zukovsky performing the Violin Concerto in D Major, op. 35A by Ferruccio Busoni on this violin⁠.


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