Repair and Restoration

Violin Restorer Christopher Thorp

Our standards when it comes to the preservation and conservation of these ancient works of art are exceedingly high.  Jonathan’s earliest experiences under René A, Morel set a standard for clean workmanship and the sort of sound adjustments that drew the world’s top musicians from all around the globe. It is then our firm belief that restoration is an art that should only be undertaken by those most qualified to handle instruments of the caliber that we engage with and our customer’s demand.  Interventions undertaken with the most conservative approach, with the goal of preserving the originality of the instrument in its entirety and leaving behind the more aggressive techniques of the past. Those who are most qualified to undertake these tasks are least in need of our employment, which is why we have forged a collaborative relationship with violin maker and restorer, Christopher Thorp.

Mr. Thorp is a violin maker and restorer who trained at Guildhall University and worked at J. P. Guivier in London for 8 years, afterwards moving to New York to work under Christophe Landon.  There, he gained experience working with instruments at the highest end of the market.  His experience as a violinist informs his exceptional concept of tonal adjustments and has become sought after by members of the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Ballet, and countless other Broadway musicians, chamber musicians, and soloists.

We offer repair, restoration, and bow rehairing consultations together with Mr. Thorp by appointment only.